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Kick ass

Piccoli’s poetry kicks ass and stomachs

Gabor Gyukics, poet and Hungarian Beat Poet Laureate

Urgent and brave

Her overflowing creativity, her commitment to social justice, her subtle irony and bitterness along with her imaginary poetic visions are all present in her poems. Her message is urgent and brave. She is a voice of this world, a voice that attracts our attention on social and political issues that we all must face. The poem “we're the best\fuck the rest” is bold and daring. We should all listen to what Serena screams. Beyond all this commitment lies a delicate and pure soul that moves the reader.

Ani Bradea, poet, essayist and columnist for Tribuna Magazine, Romania

Very bright

A very bright light.

Anna Lombardo, poet and artistic director of La Palabra en el mundo, Venice, Italy

Human compassion

Serena Piccoli's poetry is a hammer seeking to beat imperialist swords into ploughshares. Her harvest? A human compassion that crosses lines of gender, nation, and socioeconomic class. A reminder that the world is ours if we grow in peace and justice. Her poems cut with an incisive wit - - each line a blade separating the wheat from the chaff - - the truth from the bullshit excreted from the mouths of the powerful. Women, the exploited, the persecuted ethnic minorities, those affected by environmental destruction and imperialism, these are the people she values - - these are the people she stands with.

David A. Romero, poet and performer

A slap of light

Serena’s poetry is a slap of light. Her poetry is refined, intense, generous, it is inside our world, a world that fights for freedom, that cannot stand self-righteous moralisms, a greedy world that is going towards its catastrophe. Her words have a smiling voice, they cause restorative insomnia in those who are indifferent.
Sandro Sardella, poet and painter

Tender poems of love

Serena's poems of love, so tender, like a dream of another side of existence, so important and free as breathing itself. The only way of breathing.

Tanja Kragujevic, poet

You can read some of the poems from gulp\gasp here: poems

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