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Thank you for a great artistic year!

Updated: May 8

While my neighbours are setting off fireworks, I wish to thank everyone who has published both my poems and pictures in 2022.

It has been a very rich year for me, artistically speaking.

I thank William "Bill" Allegrezza, friend, poet, professor and publisher, who published my latest poetry book "gulp\gasp! in September 2022, 5 years after he released my other collection of poems "silviotrump".

I thank all the artistic directors who have invited me to their Festivals and poetry events.

I thank all the magazines, both online and in print, for publishing my poems and photos. I will post 3 of the pictures that were published in 3 different magazines in November and December.


Photo published in December in Arkana

The capital fucks you - Marx in Paris

Photo published in November in Sad Goose Cooperative

Ciao Bella - the waiting chair

Published in The Four Faced Liar in December

My new poetry book 100% represents me and my artistic style encompassing all my political poems, surreal images, love poems and travel poetry.

gulp\gasp, published in September 2022 by Moria Poetry, Chicago, USA. You can buy it here.

Buying a book of poetry written by an independent poet and published by an independent publisher means A LOT, it means supporting literature and artists. Thank you!

You can read the whole preface here

Orange diving

Published in Kissing Dynamite Poetry in 2022

Last but not least I thank Kissing Dynamite Poetry for nominating me as Best of the Net 2023 for my photos which appeared in issue 35 where I was also the Featured Artist.

In 2021 I was nominated for the Pushcart Prize for poetry. So I am very happy and honoured to have been nominated for my photos too!

Thank you and I wish you a peaceful 2023!

Grazie mille!


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