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Parading on the Parade #2

Updated: May 8

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my photo series dedicated to vintage cars and motorbikes along with astonishing modern cars.

This is the second post of what I call “Parading on the Parade”.

The promenade in Parkgate (England), or the Parade, as it is called here, is long, straight and full of people sitting for a beer, a chippy tea or an ice cream. The prom is also very narrow, which makes you drive very slowly. It is a perfect catwalk for cars, Vespa and Lambretta motorbikes!

It is an ideal place to see and be seen, to admire and be admired.

As an observer and a photographer, the moment I realised the sort of interesting social dynamics that were going on, I took my camera and started taking pictures of all the particular vehicles parading on the parade.

I am fascinated by the vast array of wonderful cars and motorcycles I have seen. Never in my life have I witnessed such a high number in such a small place. That adds more charm to Parkgate.

Please visit the first post of the series:

During the next months I will upload photos of cars and motorcycles that have struck my attention while being on the Parade (whether driving or parked).

The series wants to show the trend of people coming to Parkgate to enjoy and show off their vehicles. I have enjoyed being a spectator of all this. I want to make it clear that the series is not intended to make fun of people or their vehicles. On the contrary the series will display what I find particularly fascinating and pleasant and it is meant for you to enjoy as well.

Today as a proud Italian - hehehe - I am going to show you a gorgeous orange Lamborghini.

What a beautiful car. Orange is my favourite colour and I think it suits a Lamborghini. What do you think?

I took the following pictures at sunset.

The charme of the car design along with the beauty of Parkgate make the atmosphere quite magical.



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