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Nobody won the Italian Tennis Open or Wimbledon 2022

Updated: May 8

Some say Novak Djokovic won the Italian Open in Rome on May 15th 2022 and Wimbledon on July 10th 2022.

This is impossible.

It is definitely fake news.

Now bear with me for some minutes.

The Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, at his (in)famous conference in July 2021 speaking about the nth strict Sars-Cov2 rule in front of the press, stated: “you don’t get vaccinated, you get sick, you die.”

With his summarised concept maybe the PM was trying to emulate Julius Caesar’s famous words: “veni, vidi, vici” (I came, I saw, I won)

That is what he said and - as he is the best prime minister any country can have - I can’t but believe him.

That was - what a coincidence - the very moment he introduced one of the most illiberal and authoritarian laws ever imposed on 60 million Italians after the Second World War: the Green Pass.

The health pass scheme - which consisted of proof of vaccination, testing or recovery - was mandatory from Friday 06 August 2021 to enter bars, restaurants, gyms, hair salons, swimming pools, museums, cinemas, theatres, concerts, sports stadiums, sporting events, sport centres, trade fairs, congresses, amusement parks, public competitions.

As of 1 September 2021 it was compulsory on long-distance public transport, for school staff (teaching and non-teaching), students, university lecturers and staff for access to universities.

Sanctions were ranging from 400 to 1000 Euros and the owner of the business risked between 1 and 10 days of closure. Unvaccinated workers were required to eat their meals outside, in gazebos set up by their company.

The same government, led by the best of the prime ministers any country can wish to have, also made the Green Pass mandatory for all workers (even for those working from home) starting October 15th 2021.

The certificate, which reminded many Italians of the fascist pass used under Mussolini, had to be checked by the employer's personnel at the entrance of the workplace via an app (a barcode scanner) which allows it to retain employees' personal data.

Employees without the pass couldn’t work and were suspended from work without salary until the pass was shown.

After creating a very high state of constant fear, politicians created a 2 tier society, physically dividing people and putting them against one another (vaxxed\unvaxxed). Some observers say they applied the Ancient Roman technique of divide and rule.

Long before July 2021 many scientists around the world were warning about the fact that getting vaccinated against Sars-Cov2 didn’t avoid infection or severe symptoms, for this reason many experts spoke up against mandatory Covid vaccination.

The mainstream media - apart from a couple of brave ones who have been trying to investigate, ask questions and challenge the government, as journalists should do - has fiercely worked as a mere sounding board, amplifying the voice of the master (Italian mainstream media receive a lot of public funds). They have been bullying a great proportion of people - both vaxxed and unvaxxed - because they dared to voice doubts about the limitation of people’s freedom and the scrapping of basic human rights brought about by the green pass.

Politicians and mainstream media have fought hard to mute any form of democratic dissent.

This is absolutely outrageous.

However, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. So after all the shambles of the green pass, they soon added the cherry on top of the cake: the Super Green Pass (yes, you read that correctly).

From 6 December 2021 to April 31st 2022, only vaccinated or people recovered from the virus could participate in social life, have access to post offices, banks, private and public offices, transport, shops, restaurants, bars, gyms, sports events or any indoor venues.

Holders of the Green Pass obtained through negative covid tests by unvaccinated citizens were no longer allowed access.

Do you think that was enough for the Italian government led by Mario Draghi?

Of course not.

They also introduced mandatory vaccination for people over 50 years old.

From 15 February 2022 employees over 50 had to show the Super Green Pass to access the workplace. Basically those over 50 years old could access the workplace or work remotely (yes, you’ve read that well: even remotely!) only if vaccinated.

Vaccine mandates (and related suspensions for those who fail to comply) remain in place until December 31st 2022 for health and hospital personnel and those who work in retirement and care homes.

The following article was published in November 2021 in The Lancet.

The title says it all “COVID-19: stigmatising the unvaccinated is not justified”. But maybe the Italian health minister was busy reading something else.

A wall in Padova-©Photo by Serena Piccoli

Last May a photo of PM Mario Draghi triggered a great debate in Italy.

It was posted by the Government official social media account: Draghi is visiting an elementary school, all students and all teachers are wearing a mask (with 32 degrees celsius, 89 fahrenheit) and he’s the only one not wearing it (Masks remained mandatory - up to 15 June 2022 - to attend public indoor events, schools and in the healthcare sector, and on all public transport until September 2022).

PM Mario Draghi is the one who made the law, imposing children to wear a mask 6 hours a day every day at school in the last 2 years and until the end of school - June 15th 2022 - and he’s breaking his own law.

Many Italians have interpreted it as “I am the boss, I can do whatever I want, you are the subject, you must obey.”

You can see it here

The effects of the mask mandate on children at school have been proved by so many studies: depression, anxiety, problems in communication and in personal relations.

Here is just the latest data released last week by the Italian Society of Neuropsychiatric of the childhood and adolescence.

“The COVID-19 outbreak and the measures adopted to contain the virus spread had an impact on the severity of the course of psychiatric admissions, with greater influence on subjects who were already psychologically vulnerable, female, and who belonged to ethnic minorities.”

There are thousands of stories of unvaccinated kids who have been banned from playing in sports centres or sports clubs. Kids who have had to drop their sports career, despite being healthy. For decades doctors and authorities have recommended playing sports, doing outdoor activities and getting some fresh air, then in the past two and a half years they have banned unvaccinated kids from doing that, they fined lone runners, and made it mandatory to wear masks outdoors.

The age range from 40 to 60 in Italy has the highest rate of unvaccinated.

The reason? Young people still have hope and faith in politics. I was like this at their age.

Those over 65 have been the ones at higher risk.

But those from 40 to 60 years old have seen too much, they are gutted by politicians and institutions, they had hopes but feel frustrated by decades of their unkept promises and lies.

People are sick of them. Sick of this system where those in power are never held accountable.

The above mentioned sentence by Draghi, “you don’t get vaccinated, you get Covid, you die”, appears to be the nth lie.

They treat us as if we are stupid and cannot understand.

The European Union created and presented the Green Pass as a EU Digital COVID Certificate in March 2021 to facilitate travel, helping to exempt holders from restrictions such as quarantine according to a European Commission press release.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate was meant to serve as proof that a person got vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative COVID-19 test, or is protected against the disease after being infected.

How in the world has this become the shambles of limiting basic rights on 60 million people in Italy?

Many experts around the world have answered this question speaking about the need to discriminate against a big chunk of the population, the pleasure of those in power to inflict harsh rules on the subjects who - it goes without saying - must obey.

A wall in Liverpool in 2021- © Photo by Serena Piccoli

Massimo Cacciari and Giorgio Agamben are among the most brilliant philosophers alive and they wrote a letter against the introduction of the Italian Green Pass: “The need to discriminate is as old as the society, and certainly was already present in ours, but to make it law today is something that the democratic conscience can not accept and against which it must immediately react.”

With the introduction of the Super Green Pass in December 2021 those without it couldn't even eat outside bars and restaurants.

Not even outside.

Was this rule - effective from December 2021 to April 31st 2022 - based on science?

“The Green Pass has been nothing but an exercise of pointless tyranny”

Workers have been left at home without a salary, thousands were banned from entering a post office, a shop, or a bank, kids weren’t allowed to take public transport to go to school or play in their old sports team anymore. There are still doctors who will be suspended from work until December 2022, unless they get a drug that doesn’t prevent infection.

As if being unvaccinated against Sars Cov2 automatically means being infected and contagious.

As if being vaccinated against Sars-Cov-2 automatically means someone is not infected and not contagious.

How in the world have we got to the point where a healthy person is considered ill?

Is this concept science based?

A wall in Manchester in 2021 - © Photo by Serena Piccoli

In July 21st 2021 PM Mario Draghi said another (in)famous sentence, that - as the other one - soon became a joke among Italians: “The Green Pass is a condition for Italians to continue sitting at restaurants and bars with the guarantee of being surrounded by people who are not contagious.”

How many people we know have had Covid despite having the second, third or fourth dose?

I know hundreds. And so do you.

These people were free to move around because they held the Green Pass or the Super Green Pass, even when they were having the first symptoms of Covid. Many didn’t test, and just carried on with their normal life, as they were afraid of having to stay at home and quarantine. While thousands of others - who happened to be healthy - couldn’t even enter an outdoor street market or kids couldn't play in their old team!

All this - they said - was based on scientific reasons.

Lots of scientists have been warning about the limited powers of these therapies since the first months of their implementation and many warned about the consequences of the management of the pandemic.

Here is what Dr. John PA Ioannidis - Professor of Medicine at Stanford University - wrote in March 2020

“One of the bottom lines is that we don’t know how long social distancing measures and lockdowns can be maintained without major consequences to the economy, society, and mental health. Unpredictable evolutions may ensue, including financial crisis, unrest, civil strife, war, and a meltdown of the social fabric.”

Many scientists have warned us since the beginning, many have lost their jobs for speaking out or have been bullied. That’s my point: I can’t stand the hegemony of the single thought.

April 1st 2021 - almost 4 months before that infamous sentence by Draghi about the Green Pass as a guarantee to be among people who are not contagious - the British Medical Journal publishes a rapid response whose title is very clear: “COVID-19 vaccine passports are not evidence-based and violate people’s freedom of choice”. The article states: “The most obvious issue is that it is still unclear whether vaccination prevents transmission. Vaccinated people may still be able to unknowingly spread the virus.”

What I mean is that lawmakers knew that, but they still inflicted those illiberal rules on the population, causing tremendous consequences.

“Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve”.

Do you remember when one dose of the vaccine would be enough to protect us?

Then they added the second one. A second and final one, they said.

Then they added the third dose. But they couldn’t actually name it third, because it means there will be one more to follow. So they gave it a powerful title: booster.

Now the fourth dose is the second booster.

Sergio Abrignani, immunologist at the University of Milan, member of the Italian Technical Scientific Committee, was reported by Corriere della Sera, the main national newspaper in Italy, that after the third dose we would not need a booster for the next 5 - 10 years.

That was in November 2021.

If I can still count well - and please do correct me if I am wrong - from the end of November 2021 to the start of April 2022 is just a matter of 5 months.

5 months, not 5 years. Am I right?

Well, in April 2022 Italy started giving the 4th dose.

So much for the “just one dose, well, actually, just 2 doses and you’re all set”.

Last May the Italian government, with Health Minister Speranza and his advisor Ricciardi, revealed that a fourth dose will be given to the entire population after the summer.

Of course they’re speaking about summer 2027, which is in 5 years.

Oh, wait a minute. Let me read the interview again.

Nope. They say after this summer. Summer 2022.

Don’t we have enough to be treated as brainless creatures?

Do we really like to be fooled around?

Lies make those who tell them not credible.

This behaviour is so counterproductive.

Sars-Cov-2 can lead to death. Sadly we have known that since spring 2020.

These prevention therapies appear to have had a significant impact on decreasing COVID-19-related morbidity and mortality, although not in all vaccinated people, as much as we hoped.

“Around half of Covid hospitalisations in Italy and more than half of Covid deaths since December have been either partially or fully vaccinated people.”

This is the official bulletin released in February 2022 by the Italian Health Institute

I can’t stand the fact that since the beginning most politicians, institutions and the mainstream media have presented the so-called vaccine as the new divinity, the one and only solution, along with the Health Pass. They didn’t improve the public health system, they didn’t support GPs, they have just imposed the vaccine as the official dogma. And those who have shown some doubts about it, they’ve been labelled as outcasts, criminals, traitors.

At school we all learned that science, the scientific method and approach are based on asking questions, doubting everything, challenging thesis statements, and curiosity is the vital source of it.

Anyone who has dared to ask questions, to challenge or criticise the official dogma has been harshly bullied by mainstream media, politicians, public and private organisations.

Massimo Cacciari and Giorgio Agamben, along with other philosophers and professors, have been outrageously bullied by politicians and media because they warned about the ambiguity and dangers of the green pass.

The discrimination of a category of people, who automatically become second-class citizens, is in itself a very serious matter, the consequences of which can be dramatic for democratic life.”

They wrote in their letter on July 26th 2021, following the above mentioned Draghi conference.

There was some reaction supported by minor media, but not an uproar as many wished. There were some street demonstrations that were purposely hampered down by local authorities, the police and the government. It was depressing to watch how politicians imposed strict rules after one year of the pandemic. I might understand and justify some of their political choices taken during spring 2020, but I cannot justify those strict rules implemented from October 2020 until now. We already knew a lot about Sars-Cov-2, thanks to many prominent researchers and doctors.

Most of those rules weren’t science based, they were just political.

Where has the fundamental concept of proportionality gone?

We totally forgot the defined methodology for valuing costs and benefits that enables broad comparisons to be made between health and safety risk reduction, according to which we should provide the least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented.

Such a concept is a pillar in the fields of law, medicine, economics.

Has it been applied during the Pandemic?

The ruling government in Italy - and many other politicians all over the world - hasn’t analysed the psychological, educational, social, economic consequences of their harsh and often ineffective impositions.

“Current mandatory vaccine policies are scientifically questionable and are likely to cause more societal harm than good. Restricting people’s access to work, education, public transport and social life based on COVID-19 vaccination status impinges on human rights, promotes stigma and social polarisation, and adversely affects health and well-being. Current policies may lead to a widening of health and economic inequalities, detrimental long-term impacts on trust in government and scientific institutions, and reduce the uptake of future public health measures.”

A wall in Liverpool, July 2020 - © Photo by Serena Piccoli

I have lots of vaccines in my blood. I am just gutted at the propaganda, the paternalism, the lies, the profit and corruption behind the pandemic management, the lack of critical thinking, the sadic impositions that have no scientific basis.

I believe in personal freedom. A group of politicians shouldn’t impose what we can or cannot do with our own body. And they can’t keep us from seeing our loved ones, especially if they’re in need.

My thoughts go out to those who couldn’t go to the hospital to visit their loved ones and be with them in their last days of life. This is unacceptable.

Let’s take the Partygate scandal in England. The English government was forcing children and adults at home, people died alone in hospitals because their loved ones were banned from entering the hospitals while - as reported by BBC and ITV - the PM and other ministers were having indoor parties at 10 Downing Street during lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

They were toasting and having fun while claiming that the lockdown laws they imposed were needed to save lives when they clearly didn't believe their parties would kill them or anyone else.

One of the bad consequences of all this shambles is also the loss in credibility in medicine.

A lot of people now have less trust in science after all these lies. It will take many years to recover from this.

To avoid this we should try to remember that there have been lots of scientists who didn’t support the propaganda and doctors that have cured patients with Sars-Cov-2, sometimes dying from it too.

“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”

Noam Chomsky

I wrote this post from the end of May to July 2022.

So many things have changed since Spring 2020 in the world, in us, in me. I have always complied with the rules, that’s why I am shocked and outraged after all that I have seen and heard for years. I believe that many of those politicians and experts that have been so often present in the mainstream media and in relevant institutions in different countries have been fooling us, telling us lies, hiding important information, while they’re still sitting on their chairs with their high salaries paid by all of us.

Apparently that’s what happened in the USA as well, as reported by Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya, where institutions have “failed to properly consider and weigh the disastrous effects lockdowns would have on cancer detection and treatment, cardiovascular disease outcomes, diabetes care, childhood vaccination rates, mental health and opioid overdoses, to name a few. Americans will live with—and die from—this collateral damage for many years to come.

In private conversations, most of our scientific colleagues agree with us on these points. While a few have spoken up, why are not more doing so? Well, some tried but failed. Others kept silent when they saw colleagues slandered and smeared in the media or censored by Big Tech. Some are government employees who are barred from contradicting official policy. Many are afraid of losing positions or research grants.”

Anyway, as all streets lead to Rome, let’s go back to the Eternal City.

Those politicians who were applauding Djokovic in Rome in May were the same who didn’t want him to play at the Italian Open because he didn’t get vaccinated against Sars-Cov-2.

High level hypocrisy.

But of course, as Italian PM Mario Draghi stated “you don’t get vaccinated, you get infected, you die” Djokovic must have died before ending the Italian Open, and consequently he couldn’t have been in Wimbledon either.

See? I told you nobody won the Italian Tennis Open in Rome or Wimbledon in 2022.

The principles of decision-making on my body are more important than any title or anything else.
I was never against vaccination, but I've always supported the freedom to choose what you put in your body.
Novak Djokovic


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