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Serena Piccoli is an Italian poet, playwright, photographer, artistic director, translator, performer and teacher. 


She is the co-founder and director (with Giorgia Monti) of the well acclaimed Poetry and Sister Arts International Festival (Forlì - Cesena, Italy).

She has held the column of contemporary Italian poetry in the prestigious and historical Tribuna magazine (Romania) called "Verso l'Italia" since 2019, along with poet and friend Giorgia Monti, for the widespread of the Italian poetry and culture.


She writes both in English and in Italian (her mother tongue) and some of her works have been translated into Romanian and Spanish.

Art and politics together have always been her main interest and focus of her creativity.

She writes about social issues as gender violence, economic crisis, social injustice, with a touch of irony. ​

Please, visit the page Praise to read what they say about her works. 


She received her MA in Theater from the University of Venice, IUAV (with top grade - 110\110), and her 30 plays are produced throughout Italy.

She received 2 bachelor's degrees: one in Performing Arts (cum laude, 110 e lode\110) from the University of Ferrara, and one as an interpreter and translator (Superior School for Interpreters and Translators, Padova). 


Serena has been teaching languages since 1998. She teaches Italian to non Italian speakers and English to non English speakers. Either way she loves her work and her students. She has had students from all continents.

She is patient and passionate and she has been teaching both in person and online for "La tavola rotonda association" since 2012. 



Assistant director at Biennale Theatre Festival in Venice 2011 for the show Envidia, directed by Calixto Bieito at the Gran Teatro La Fenice Theatre, Venice, Italy.

Playwright at ”Biennale Dance Festival" inVenice 2011 (directed by dancer and choreographer Ismael Ivo) for the Choreographers Vito Alfarano’s and Laura Boato’s students dance show in Venice.

She again worked as a writer at Biennale Danza, directed by Ismael Ivo, in 2012

She worked on the script of “Estman Radio” by Marinella Senatore, a radio drama broadcasted by the national Italian radio - Rai Radio 2 - and in the Italian Pavillion at the Biennale Internazionale di Arte in Venice (Italy) in June 2011.

She made an Internship at Gran Teatro La Fenice Theatre in Venice, from 2009 to 2010, organizing conferences on Opera.



Her latest book of poems was out in Autumn 2022 published by Moria Poetry (USA) with a preface by award winning professor, poet and essayist Adeena Karasick (Pratt University, NYC, USA).

You can buy it here: gulp\gasp

Her political chapbook of poems "silviotrump" was also published by Moria Poetry in 2017. 


Her poems havve been featured in (just to name a few):


in Canada (June 2020, 845 Press, London, Ontario 2020; Pandemic Love anthology, Ice Floe Press, Toronto 2022)

in the UK (Out on the page, UK 2021; The quality of Mersey, Liverpool 2018; Hidden Voice Anthology 1, Manchester 2019)

in the USA (the Elpis Page, Buffalo, USA 2021; Extreme, a social environmental anthology, Vagabond, Los Angeles 2018; Enough, Best Buds collective, 2020)


in UK (Abridged, Acropolis, Forever Endeavour, In the red 18, Tipping the scales, Tealight Press, Floresta, The Journal, Abergavenny Small Press)

in USA (Giallo, The Opiate, Masks, The BeZine, Prismatica, Unstamatic, Kissing Dynamite, Clay Literary;  The Confessionalist, Wine Cellar Press, Fish Barrel review, Querencia, Variety Pack, Pollux, Juste Milieu)

in Nigeria (Sub-Saharan magazine)

in Australia (The Otholith)

in Romania (Tribuna, Revista Literaria Libris)

in Ireland (Sonder Magazine)

in Canada (The Lit Quarterly)

in Austria (Tint journal)

in Croatia (Zin daily)

in India (The Remnant Archive)

in Italy (Versante Ripido, La macchina sognante, just to name the latest)

You can read or listen to some of her poems in the Poetry section of this website:

or on YouTube


15 of her poems are in the UK Poetry Map Places of Poetry

1 of her poems is in Poetry Health Service, UK

She enjoys writing collaborative poems with American poet and professor William Allegrezza (Indiana University Northwest, USA).

You can read some of their poems here and here 


Serena also enjoys taking photographs. Her pics have been featured as cover art for magazines (Acropolis, Coven Poetry, Ilinix, Space City Underground), they have been in exhibitions worldwide and she has been selected as a featured artist in others (Kissing Dynamite).

For the list of exhibitions and publications please visit this page: EXHIBITIONS



In 2018 two of her English poems have been selected for the anthology "Extreme", edited by Vagabond, Los Angeles, USA, that includes also poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jack Hirshman, Neeli Cherkovski, Maram Al Masri and Antonieta Villamil, to name a few. 

She has won the first prize for playwriting Scart Drama 2013 with her historical play "Il fantasma della rocca", Peschiera del Garda, Italy. 

“Non ne usciamo vive”, one of her plays, has been set in Palermo, Rome, Cesena, Padova, Venice, Milan and in one of the most important museums of the city of Turin “Pinacoteca Albertina” in front of Laura Boldrini, the former President of the Italian Senate in 2014.

"Amorevolmente", one of her most successful short plays has been staged all over Italy, also twice at the prestigious San Paolo Theatre in Rome

Part of her English radio drama, Celyn, has been published by Wow in the anthology "Life lines", Liverpool, UK, in 2021. 

"La fune dell'amore", one of her most successful plays, has been staged twice at the historical and prestigious Odeo e Loggia del Cornaro in Padova, Italy.

Serena Piccoli is the co-author of the play “After Romeo after Juliet” staged and produced by Teatro 2, Parma, Italy, directed by Massimiliano Farau in 2012.

She has been nominated for the Pushart Prize (New York) for her poem "Your yarn" in 2020. 

She has created and produced successful international multidisciplinary art events featuring live performance and video installation, at both indoor and outdoor theatres.



Serena Piccoli is a long-experienced literary translator - English\Italian.

“Salomè: Donna di Valore” (Cleup, University of Padova Press, 2017, translated by Serena Piccoli and Pina Piccolo) is her Italian translation of award winning American author and professor, Adeena Karasick (Pratt University, NYC, USA).​

She has also translated poems of African women into Italian. 


As both a poet, performer and arts activist, Serena has performed widely at Festivals including:

New Orleans Poetry Festival (Lousiana, USA, April 2020)

Bridgewater International Poetry Festival (Virginia, USA, April 2020 and November 2020)

The museum of Liverpool (UK National Poetry Day, UK, 2019)

Elba Poetry Festival (Isle of Elba, Italy, 2022)

Wirral Poetry Festival (England, October 2022)

Tribuna days in Cluj city and Brasov city (Romania, October 2018 and 2019)

Wirral Festival of Firsts (England, September 2021)

West Kirby Arts Centre, England (UK, May 2019)

Versante Ripido (Bologna, Italy 2019)

Bologna In Lettere (Bologna, Italy 2016)

IGiovediDiVersi (Bologna, Italy 2016)

Artistincasa, Montegiardino (Republic of Saint Marin, 2015)

Pronto Intervento Poetico (Padova, Italy 2015)

International Poetry Day (Padova, Italy, 2013 - 2019).


  • gulp\gasp, Moria Poetry, Chicago, USA, 2022 (Poetry)

  • silviotrump, Locofo Chaps, Moria Poetry, Chicago, USA, 2017 (Poetry)

  • Or-dite! Trame d’arte contro la violenza sulle donne, AA.VV. Ed. Exosphere PoesiArtEventi, Reggio Emilia, Italy 2015 (Poetry and Prose)

  • La rocca del tempo fermo, Lettereanimate, Taranto, Italy, 2015 (Novel),

  • Nata farfalla, WLM Edizioni, Bergamo, Italy, 2013 (Poetry)


She is the organizer of a series of conferences on and historical re-enactments of Italian Middle Age and Renaissance life and art, dedicated to the education and preservation of Italian culture.

In particular she has held conferences and has written a play on the life of Matilde di Canossa.

She is often invited to hold poetry workshops on writing against violence on women. 

She has also held conferences and lectures on contemporary poetry in Universities (IUAV, Venice, Padova). 

She has lived in Italy, San Francisco (California), Cape Town (South Africa) and in England.

Glasgow Gallery of photography Exhition May 2022  the Irish sea_edited.jpg

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Serena is available for poetry projects, for artistic direction, or as a teacher of Italian for non Italian speakers.

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